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Whether it’s studying for exams or a simple test, it is a tedious task that requires good memory and analytical skills, but mostly just good memory. This can be a hard task for the majority of us because memorizing and retaining all those important points is a challenging feat to say the least. Interest and

Doodling is the art of drawing unique patterns and images, most commonly on the margins of books or notebooks or even scraps of paper. It is often an act that is common within students of all ages and study groups. Many consider this art to be useless and a waste of good paper but as

Books are a magnificent way of spreading knowledge, experiences and thoughts. They contribute towards developing a literate and humane society. For many, books are a hobby, perhaps even a passion. For others, they are just an everyday object. There are many reasons for getting into the habit of reading books on a daily basis, too

5 Reasons Why Kids Need Books

Books are a collection of words organized into a logical structure to covey the thoughts of their author. Books are the most basic tool of learning. They help us widen our vocabulary, transfer viable knowledge to the next generation and most of all, give us a broad perspective on life. Every child starts learning from

Reading is a hobby that many develop at a young age; some maintain that habit all the way into adulthood while some lose interest in books after a certain age. Reading is a habit that has so many advantages associated with it, from learning about new cultures and places you’ve never been to before ,