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Solution Manual Personal Finance 2nd Canadian Edition Madura

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Personal Finance 2nd Canadian Edition Madura Solution Manual [Complete Step by Step All Chapters Textbook Problems Solutions Manual]


This text is not about filling in income tax forms–it provides students with strategies for building a successful personal financial plan. This hands-on approach equips students with the expertise they need to make informed financial decisions. The most recent coverage of rules and regulations that govern and affect financial planning have been integrated throughout this new edition, as well as coverage of recent events such as the financial crisis.

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Product Description

Solution Manual for Personal Finance 2nd Canadian Edition by Madura

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview of a Financial Plan
Chapter 2 Applying Time Value Concepts
Chapter 3 Planning with Personal Financial Statements
Chapter 4 Using Tax Concepts for Planning
Chapter 5 Banking Services and Managing Your Money
Chapter 6 Assessing, Managing, and Securing Your Credit
Chapter 7 Personal Loans
Chapter 8 Purchasing and Financing a Home
Chapter 9 Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance
Chapter 10 Health and Life Insurance
Chapter 11 Investing Fundamentals
Chapter 12 Investing in Stocks
Chapter 13 Investing in Bonds
Chapter 14 Investing Mutual Funds
Chapter 15 Retirement Planning
Chapter 16 Estate Planning
Chapter 17 Integrating the Components of a Financial Plan


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